Rissa (sourgirlx) wrote in sasasexy,

Your first name. Rissa.
Your age. Fourteen.
Your location. Rockland, New York.
Your gender. Female.
Your favorite artists/bands Anti-Flag, The Insurgents, Goldfinger, Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, Ben Jelen, Kittie, Catch 22, Propagandhi, Streetlight Manifesto, Operation Ivy. I have a big list in my userinfo if you want more.
Your favorite movies Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, Fat Albert, Stepmom, The Breakfast Club, Godsend. Again, you can go to my userinfo if you want more.
Best band you've seen live. The Insurgents.
Last CD you bought/downloaded. Anti-Flags newest CD. The Terror State.
Your favorite color Purple.
A quote you live by I don't exactly 'live' by it, but it's my favorite. "What's so fucking wrong and what's so anti-establishment with the idea of wanting peace? Why is that so anti-establishment? Why is wanting to be told the truth anti-establishment? These aren't anti-establishment ideas, these are pro-fucking-peace ideas." - Justin Sane of Anti-Flag
If you found a wallet that contained $1,000 cash inside, and the ID is inside, what would you do with it? Why? Honestly, I'd tell my parents and contact the person. I'd do it because I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around.
What is your favorite book and what is it about? Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth. It's about a bunch of people that have violet eyes. They're able to summon the dead. People communicate with the dead through them to solve murders, or whatever. It's a mystery book. Someone's trying to kill all the Violets.. and, yeah. =D It's really an awesome book, but I don't know anyone that has read it.
Post 3-12 pictures of yourself.

Favorite outfit. Hot pink tights with black fishnets over them with a hot pink/black plaid skirt and a plain black shirt. Hot. <3
Favorite Hair Do. Blowdryed and flat-ironed. Down, obviously.
What’s your Style (Picture would be nice). I don't really have a style. I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes with an Operation Ivy or Anti-Flag hoodie. And sometimes I'll wear an outfit like what I described in 'favorite outfit.' It really depends on what mood I'm in.
Got any piercings/tattoos. My ears are pierced, but I don't have any earrings in them. I tried keeping Gir earrings in them, but my left ear started getting really red and stuff. ;x
One random picture from your life and/or something that interest you. A picture of something that interests me or a picture that interests me? o_O Eh, I choose the second one I said.

... Kidding.

I found it on google. Man, I'm a loser. Hahah. But anyway.. yeah. That picture. It think it's amazing. I love photography.
Why you should be accepted. Becauseeee.. I'm not in any rating communities anymore, and I need something to do when I'm bored and home from school sick.. which seems to be alot. ;x I think I'll be pretty active.
Atleast one place you promoted.
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