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Please make sure your application is behind an LJ-Cut
°Your first name. Sarah
¤Your age. (NO APPLICANTS UNDER 13. Just because it isn't right to rate little kids.) 14
°Your location. Pensacola, Florida
¤Your gender. Female
°Your favorite artists/bands (up to 10)Underoath
From First to Last
Kings Of Leon
Hot Hot Heat.
Hawthorne Heights
Death Cab For Cutie
The Early November
Brand New
From Autumn to Ashes
¤Your favorite movie(s) (up to 5)The Crow
Friday Night Lights
The Notebook.
Pulp Fiction
Girl interupted.
°Best band you've seen live.
¤Last CD you bought/downloaded.
Hot Hot Heat.
°Your favorite color
¤A quote you live by (Not required, but would be nice to know.) The best love is the kind that weakens the soul (or something like that).
°If you found a wallet that contained $1,000 cash inside, and the ID is inside, what would you do with it? Why? (It can be a minimum of one complete sentence.)I'd give it back to the owner. If I'd lost mine, I would have wanted them to give mine back to me.
¤What is your favorite book and what is it about? (Thanks to Lucy for the recommendation.) My favorite book is called "speak". it's about a girl who was raped at a party & she didn't tell anyone.
°Post 3-12 pictures of yourself.Image hosted by

¤Favorite outfit. My made in the 80's shirt & justin's skating pants.w/ my black converse.
°Favorite Hair Do. Reeally..uhh..messy bun..because i don't do my hair thato ften.
¤What’s your Style (Picture would be nice). boys pants & band tee's.
°Got any piercings/tattoos. Yea my ears are peirced.
¤One random picture from your life and/or something that interest you.
me & my friend keasi.

°Why you should be accepted. because i think i'd have a lot of fun in this community.
¤Atleast one place you promoted. __alwaysonfire
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