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please oh please. lessthan3hree.

° Your first name. Blythe

¤ Your age. 15

° Your location. Rochester, NH

¤ Your gender. female

° Your favorite artists/bands
- Atreyu
- Slipknot
- From Autumn To Ashes
- The Misfits
- Sublime
- Queen
- Rammstein
- Saves The Day
- Marilyn Manson
- The Bloodhound Gang

¤ Your favorite movie(s).
- The Breakfast Club
- Pump Up The Volume
- Requiem For A Dream
- Van Wilder
- May

° Best band you've seen live. i haven't really seen any good bands live, except one of my friend's bands..mehh.

¤ Last CD you bought/downloaded. Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

° Your favorite color. Red and Black, and sometimes Orange.

¤ A quote you live by. "The Way To Be Happy Is To Make Others So." -Robert Ingersoll

° If you found a wallet that contained $1,000 cash inside, and the ID is inside, what would you do with it? Why? well, i would just ask whoever was around the area if it was theirs [or match faces with the .i.d.], but if no one answered, then i would probably keep it.

¤ What is your favorite book and what is it about? Better Than Running At Night is about a freshman art school student, and it pretty much describes her small art class with 3hree people, and the guy that she met at a new year's eve party. Having removed the overly dramatic makeup of her solitary high school days, Ellie looks forward to recreating herself and her art. Arriving alone for winter session at the New England College of Art and Design, Ellie finds the ideal opportunity. In her first days she begins dirty dancing with the Devil. Then she makes out with him. A story about independence, trust, and boys.

° Post 3-12 pictures of yourself.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

¤ Favorite outfit. hmmm probably just a pair of Tilt jeans, and maybe my black WonderWoman shirt. or a band tee. my black and white star socks. black underroos/bra. definintely my belts.

° Favorite Hair Do. i usually just wear it down. nothing exciting. but it's comfortable.

¤ What’s your Style (Picture would be nice).
Image hosted by
i wear my uncle's old marine shirts a lot.
Image hosted by
slipknot shirt.
Image hosted by
misfits shirt.
Image hosted by
emily the strange shirt. oh, and i always have to wear some kind of undershirt [unknown reasons]. lovely belts [i never go anywhere without them]. jeans.
Image hosted by
red&black chuck's.
Image hosted by
black&white star socks.

° Got any piercings/tattoos. why yes i do. 5ive in my left ear, 3hree in the right. 1irst holes are 10g, 2econd holes are 14g. i used to have a monroe, but my parents made me take it out. hrmph.

¤ One random picture from your life and/or something that interests you.
Image hosted by
beach/photography/sunsets. =]

° Why you should be accepted. because the other ones i've applied to justly have rudely rejected me, anddd i noticed that the main page had a guitar on it. i play guitar.

¤ At least one place you promoted.

thank you kindly!!
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